In an effort to not just play ALL the time,

we try to do things slightly educational…


Luke is great at puzzles, but gets vocally frustrated if it doesn’t fit right away!


Natalie, on the other hand,

spends about 1 minute putting ANY piece on top of ANY hole

smacking them down if the don’t match up (which is usually the case)

then decides jumping is better…


running and jumping…


and tackling Mommy!


3 thoughts on “PUZZLE TIME!

  1. That is SO funny! It is interesting to see their personalities come out in different types of activities. I love it that Natalie jumps on the puzzle to make the pieces “fit!” Too cute!

  2. Hi Nada! Your kids make me laugh! They match up almost exactly with my two. Would you mind emailing me? I want to send you an invite to my blog, but I can’t figure out how without your email address. (I’m sure there’s a way, but I’m not good with technology, so we’ll stick with what I know).

  3. This reminds me..thanks for the tip on the starfall website. Ari totally knows all his ABCS thanks to it. Of course now I have to limit his computer time…at least its not video game time yet right? What kind of parent do I sound like…okay only one more letter Ari? hehe

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