joining the club (with lots of pictures)

well everyone I know has posted about Easter so I guess I better get in on the action! We started with a few practice egg hunts at home and a real one with our friends…

CIMG8212 CIMG8218

We all brought eggs to the park and let them collect a dozen…


Luke of course knew what to do and squealed with delight each time he came upon an egg. Natalie was a bit slow at catching on, but with a little help from her brother she started gathering.


As soon as she discovered candy inside she was sold.  Luke LOVED the confetti eggs.


especially on Natalie’s head!

Everyone checking out there loot, filling their bellies with sweets instead of the lunches we brought!

CIMG8226 CIMG8227 CIMG8232 

then we dyed and decorated eggs…

CIMG8233 CIMG8234 

CIMG8236 CIMG8246

I usually go egg hunt crazy, but I just didn’t feel it this year so I didn’t worry about it. Luke and I did go to the Primary activity which was awesome. They had the kids rotate through different stations learning about different important symbols of Easter and thus the story of our Savior, his suffering in Gethsemane for our sins, the judgment of Pilate condemning Him to death by the requests of the people, His crucifixion, and His resurrection, a promise that we all will be resurrected one day, that we all can return to live with our Father in Heaven, that through the Atonement we can be forgiven, we can become like Him. I was glad Luke was able to focus on those symbols without the distractions of his busy little sister. I have the same lesson at home, but I think it was cooler coming from someone else, and I enjoyed hearing it all too!

and of course the Easter bunny came to visit and left surprises in their baskets. He knew only to leave a couple pieces of candy because they went straight into their mouths! and bunny-cakes for breakfast… these bedheads were happy!

CIMG8251 CIMG8245 CIMG8247

At church Luke said the Article of Faith in Primary. We practiced lots, even though he didn’t want to. He spoke loud and clear into the microphone. It was ADORABLE! Along with many others, I love his little voice. The Sacrament program was fabulous. Keena sang one of my favorite songs, in the most perfect way!

and here’s the best one of many tries for the annual Easter picture!  Natalie just finds everything around her so interesting and Luke can only smile candidly for so long! and look at the roses blooming, yay!


We had a yummy Easter dinner with the family and made resurrection rolls with the kids. they were excited…

CIMG8264 CIMG8265 

and we had a little hunt at Grandma and Grandpa’s… TRADITION! Luke once again would squeal every time he found another egg. Natalie had a helper to keep her motivated, thanks Aunt Marissa!

CIMG8274 CIMG8276

cracking the eggs! we kept it simple little candy, little money, and silly bands!


so there you have it. a little bit of fun, a little bit of reflection, a lot a bit of thankfulness.


ahhh wonderful spring!

With a day like yesterday you can’t help but sit on the deck, sipping DP, and watching a cardinal explore your lush green grass (I may be exaggerating a bit here). But really, Luke and I couldn’t resist the sun warming us while lounging during Nat’s nap. It was such a great day, we headed to the lake for a dinner picnic when Daddy got home from work!

CIMG8181  CIMG8185 

we built a little fire for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows

CIMG8189  CIMG8191CIMG8193  CIMG8199 

and a few ducks came swimming over for leftovers

CIMG8200  CIMG8203  CIMG8205  CIMG8208

such a perfectly wonderful day!


say cheese…


It looks a bit like ‘me and the girls’ for Luke but Logan didn’t want his picture taken! We’ve been playing with friends every week, but don’t often take pictures. Here’s the day we visited the Ellington Ag Museum (sort of) and the police horses (coolest thing… one horse licked Luke! heehee)

summertime heat…

yes we had a wave, a heat wave this weekend. I have fond memories of Christina and Marissa as babies spending all their days in their diaper. I’m sure they wore clothes sometimes but I don’t really remember that much! When summertime came, the clothes went. and so it is with Natalie…CIMG8173

She has discovered how to take off her clothes and well her diaper too. I’m encouraging her to keep that on, please.  She has also decided to potty train herself…

…well almost. She sits a lot, but doesn’t actually go. One of these times she will. and we will CHEER. A LOT. and maybe she’ll get it right off the bat, and I won’t have to work so hard this time. Right?! just maybe.

a mom can dream can’t she?!

just a few birthday wishes…

I waited to post about darin’s birthday weekend until I had pictures of this…


that’s right a POPASHOT! I was so excited he was getting this, yet it was hard to find it a home. It didn’t fit in our basement, like I originally planned, but I wasn’t giving up. We also didn’t know the backboard was an advertisement for one of Darin’s favorite snacks, bonus! Thanks Mom!


The birthday boy got to celebrate all weekend, since usually I throw a big bbq for him (but the weather wasn’t cooperating) we had to make it special in a different way! Friday night, Darin and I headed downtown together to enjoy one another’s company. Saturday he got to open presents and play with the chiclets. Sunday we grilled burgers and ate cake with the fam. (I forgot my SD card for that, but Aaron has a picture of the cake somewhere for me!)


He also got awesome new basketball shoes, an ironman watch, and cheeseballs.  Luke and Natalie were very excited about the cheeseballs as you can see above.  Luke also wanted to give him a present: his power ranger, extra lotion, and candy (which he would have to share with him!). And he has a bit of birthday money… just plotting and planning something good.


What birthday wouldn’t be complete without matching cards! haha…from who? Melanie and Gretchen of course! (So we know two things, it was probably a cheap card, and they definitely still have the same sense of humor! love it!) We all got a good laugh about that. Thanks everyone for sending him birthday love. I think he finally okay with his new age (if he can ever remember it!) Smile