Three people in the last two days asked me if they were twins?

Nope, almost two years apart.

Natalie, I guess you’re tall.

Luke, I guess you’re small.

Just wait to hear them talk, then you know something is up!


5 thoughts on “twins????

  1. I get asked all the time if my first two are twins. The older one is a boy and he’s followed by a girl. He’s short, she’s tall. They’re 18 months apart, but I guess that’s not obvious. At the same time, sometimes people just aren’t that observant, you know? Once I was mall walking when Marika was only a few months old and Kase was about 2. I got asked if they were twin boys! The funny thing was that the lady asked me that while I was in the middle of a diaper change on Marika. She had a pink bow glued to her head and her diaper was open at the time of the question. I really don’t know how the lady could be so off in both gender and age comparison. Some people are just funny!

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