ahhh wonderful spring!

With a day like yesterday you can’t help but sit on the deck, sipping DP, and watching a cardinal explore your lush green grass (I may be exaggerating a bit here). But really, Luke and I couldn’t resist the sun warming us while lounging during Nat’s nap. It was such a great day, we headed to the lake for a dinner picnic when Daddy got home from work!

CIMG8181  CIMG8185 

we built a little fire for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows

CIMG8189  CIMG8191CIMG8193  CIMG8199 

and a few ducks came swimming over for leftovers

CIMG8200  CIMG8203  CIMG8205  CIMG8208

such a perfectly wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “ahhh wonderful spring!

  1. You guys are such adorable parents! Way to think outside the box at dinnertime. I’m sure the kids loved it. A lakeside picnic dinner & “campfire” seems pretty appealing about now!

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