double-the-family-fun! part one

We continued the celebration in Florida with Darin’s parents and the Peo’s.

First, we took the kids to Disney World. What a day!


“Let the memories begin…” It took half an hour just to get parked, get tickets, take the train in, and get through the gates, but we made it. and my little chiclets would not let go of their tickets!!


ready to ride!

(can I mention what a waste of money that was? It spent more time in stroller parking than giving these two a ride. However, it was nice when naptime rolled around!)

CIMG8446  CIMG8454

We have the cutest video of the them watching the parade. They rode every ride (except one) that they were tall enough to ride. I think the Magic Carpet ride won out as the favorite.

CIMG8440  CIMG8444

Nat napped through It’s A Small World, and Luke, through Snow White’s Scary Adventure.

CIMG8471  CIMG8472

The Motorcross also gave a lot of smiles!

CIMG8479  CIMG8480

We saw a lot of characters, and finally when we waited in line to meet one, Pluto had to go to the bathroom before we got to him, but he waved to Luke as he was leaving!

Let’s just say they LOVED it.

Day two, was spent with the Peo’s at Universal while Grandpa and Grandma played with the chiclets. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera.  Highlights include Harry Potter world so fun, love the HP ride and the dueling dragons, the butter beer was better going down than coming up, and the Hulk really is freakin’ awesome.

the Final day was just pure enjoyment at the resort. coulda stayed all week.

CIMG8496  CIMG8503

CIMG8500  CIMG8512

CIMG8510  CIMG8515

loved it. ahhh, sunny florida, you were so kind!


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