double-the-family-fun! part two

off we headed to Lake Weiss for a little Whitaker Weekend fun.

CIMG8523  CIMG8518

tubing with the boys, riding the boat, waiting out the hail-infused thunderstorm

CIMG8550  CIMG8530

building sand castles, racing down the slide, watching a wedding

CIMG8551  CIMG8549

skiing for some, just trying for me, soaking up the sun

CIMG8538  CIMG8559

playing games, eating good scones, and laughing

yep, good times. love vacation.
we learned Natalie hates the sand, has a new word “pretzie” and new favorite snack snyder’s honey mustard and onion pretzels, and loves to wear her sunglasses upside down.
home again, home again, jiggety jig!


3 thoughts on “double-the-family-fun! part two

  1. You beat me to it (posting about vacation). I like the second pic of the boys on the boat. It looks like they are pulling the boat in all by themselves. Disney sure looked fun. I bet it was hard to transition back into normal, daily life after all the fun.

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