just for Steph, a picture of my delicious dinner.

of course it’s not my actual dinner,

and definitely not my photography, because my picture would have a kid in it or something.

I used green cabbage instead of purple, and I’ve adjusted her recipe so many times that I practically could call it my own, and everyone who has ever eaten has liked it, except my dad, silly.  and maybe Nathan… but he’s weird, he doesn’t like to eat grass, crazy.  but with good company over for a visit, it makes a great meal!


its nice to just go for a ride.


hello flamingos. want a cracker? sorry I’m not sharing.

I’ve decided the best day to visit the zoo. When a drizzle is on.

The rain is cool and refreshing and lots of people head for the exit, leaving plenty of room to roam.

Plus the kiddo play area is completely covered, so I can sit back and watch them roll, jump and have a good time without worrying about them running into the big kids (getting knocked down, and crying… did I mention that happens a lot lately? the crying thing, not the gettign knocked down)


Just to keep you in the loop, June is National Dairy Month. Hello, milk, cheese, and yogurt. In honor of such a fabulous month, my sis-in-law let us in on a fabulous secret Dairy Day in the Boro.

what could be more fabulous than cow puppets?


FREE CHOCOLATE MILK!! yes, please!


and there were free ice cream sandwiches, but they ran out while we were in the mooovie,

no worries, we ended up with ice cream in our bellies somehow Smile

The chiclets got to play fun cow games, like throw the cowpie on the bullseye, who doesn’t love that game?

CIMG8629 CIMG8633 

They also got to work on the farm, picking apples from the tree, and veggies from the garden (a skill they have mastered at home), eggs from the chicken coop, and grain from the fields. Then they had to sort the foods into food groups, go sell their goods at the Farmer’s Market, and spend their money at the store. they bought coloring books! How cute is that?!

CIMG8632 CIMG8634

Our very adorable and excited friends came too and we had a blast meeting the cows…


okay, real ones too! (horrible picture, I couldn’t seem to catch the kids and the cows in a good shot)



lazy summer days…

these poolside babes really can’t get enough of the water.


luckily we have friends in wet places, and pools have been readily available.

Mr. Chiclet usually kicks around most of the time, while Lil Miss will hang on to me.


And we always have buckets and toys to toss around.

and poolside snacks,

speaking of, get this lifejacket off of me, I’m hungry! (again!) 


well, it’s here…

the day is finally here. Darin takes his boards. today. pray all goes well.



He’s done!

with the test that is… now we wait.

wait for the go, the green light. the word “pass” to light up on the screen. confetti to fall from the sky. worry to melt away. balloons to soar, smiles to widen. the announcer to call his name over the loudspeaker.

well, something like that.

I’ll keep you posted.