just a little visit…

…so things seemed promising right? You thought I might get back into blogging, okay maybe you knew I would quickly fall back into my old ways, but I am gonna keep trying… I think I can, I think I can…


Last week we had a bit of a surprise visit to the hospital.  Luke has been wheezy for a few weeks, and the allergy meds weren’t helping, so we went to visit the pediatrician who gave him a breathing treatment and an inhaler. After a week of puffing on that thing, he still sounded like a 80 yr old chain smoker so we went back to the doc in hopes of a new solution.  After a couple more breathing treatments…


…he still sounded completely the same!

So they said we needed to go down to the ER immediately.

They wanted to put him on constant albuterol, which they can’t do in the dr office, so we ended up here…


After a few hours of breathing treatment, he still sounded the SAME! So he got a chest xray, and they wanted to continue monitoring him while they puzzled it out.  Not until after 8 pm did this poor guy get to eat anything.


Boy, was that hamburger good!

Turns out his lungs were so inflamed, they needed the steroid to calm them down, which he got at the dr office and at the ER, but it take hours, even days, to fully work, so by morning he was sounding great! Of course his sleepover at the hospital with Daddy was pretty fun he said and Natalie enjoyed visiting! (thankfully Darin hadn’t started work yet and was here to help me!)


Now he is considered asthmatic, and it might just be allergy related, but to what allergen we don’t know!

We come in contact with just about everything that causes asthma (dust, pollen, exercise, uncles…Smile)


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