a bit of patriotism…


What a great holiday!

Excited to celebrate our country and our freedom!

Land of the free…

Home of the brave…

and there’s no better way to celebrate than with free fun, yummy food, family, and fireworks!

photo(9) photo(6)

Thanks town of Smyrna for the bouncy fun, thanks grandma for the snowcones and light sword, thanks Rissa for the piggyback rides in the sweltering heat, thanks for grilling Daddy, thanks for the sillystring war Aunt Karie, and thatnks for the personal fireworks show Uncle Nathan and Uncle Dustin.


Hope you pick us to hang out with next year!

photo(8)  photo(1)


(and Canadian, but let’s not mention how I didn’t plan anything big for Canada Day and a certain Canadian in our house made sure to make note of that! don’t worry I might get it right next year!)


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