kid cuteness…

IMG_0701  IMG_0705

dragon park with some friends,


farmer’s market treat… sundrop cake, I’ll have to make it for ya, delicious!

IMG_0659 IMG_0661

and playing outside.


rockin it!

yeah, I know you missed me. just a bit, admit it.  well I ran a 5k. and I may be somewhat small, but cardio-fit— not so much. So I trained for a couple of weeks. I set a few personal goals and I met them! I wanted to run the first mile, no stopping, no walking, check. I wanted to never stop, always keep moving, check. I wanted to finish in under 45 mins, check. My official time was 34.12. I wanted to eat as much of the runner’s breakfast as I could, check. Could I have pushed myself a little more, yes. Did I get a side cramp after running for 1.5 min, yes. Am I happy with my Personal Record, yes. Will I run again, maybe.

IMG_0709 with my girls. Kristen, Steph, and Terra, you rock!


do I own running clothes, no. yes, I think my big clothes slowed me down, but check out that big ugly medal I got. yeah! rockin it! so really I just loved seeing my name printed on that race bib.

also, rocked Wags this week…


All for under $17 (5.20 was tax), so really each item was like a dollar… cold medicine, contact solution, allergy meds… doesn’t get much better than this!  Walgreens won out for drugstore of the week!

random happiness…

sportin’ Aunt Rissa’s shorts…loving it!


the kids love walking the square of Mac-Mini-ville!


The Bubble Boy!

IMG_0537  IMG_0545

a little bit of fun with our cousin wears us out!!

IMG_0549  IMG_0552

Last week, we headed to the county fair for FHE!

IMG_0443  IMG_0557

IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0558 

There was plenty to see, and do, and EAT, I can’t believe we only spent 20 bucks! And yes, the purple cow ice cream was delicious, smooth, creamy, and PURPLE!  Luke and Daddy rode the Ferris Wheel and he was ExCiTeD!


and once again, Luke was tired but tried not to show it. thus he “hid” in his blanket and promptly crashed.

while I was away, the kids went to play…

so I stole Darin’s phone for a minute and got some pics from their Canadian vacation…

the two chiclets were quite a handful, but luckily for Darin,

Amelia (his best friend’s wife) was on the same flight for the second half of the trip!

IMG_0299  IMG_0309

IMG_0303  IMG_0336

IMG_0305  IMG_0318

IMG_0314  IMG_0361


a little bit of gold, fun in Waterton, double-spooning the macaroni, 10yr class reunion, parade, playing at the park, swinging, swinging, swinging, so much fun, they couldn’t stay awake for it all!!

How old are you? Two!

Her birthday started off like any other… balloons!

IMG_0582  IMG_0585  IMG_0455

Then there were presents to open and muffins to eat.


It’s sometimes hard to catch this whirlwind in a picture. She has on her new blue sunglasses, new pink outfit, and her “shoe-shoes.”

She had her two year checkup on her birthday and she was TERRIFIED of the new doctor’s office, nurse, and doctor.

She is about 75% for height and weight. And her head circumference must be off the charts because the nurse measured her head at least three different times because she though she got it wrong. I finally told her, my kids have big heads, I’m sure its right!

We went to Lowe’s to get some hardware for her big present, and of course she had to ride the tractors…

IMG_0589  IMG_0457

When Daddy came home she got to open her big present… A SWING! (or a “Baby Bee” as she calls it)

birthday “baby bee”

Then on Saturday we had a fun family party. Of course, I didn’t take many pictures, but she had a blast. The boys were eager to help.

IMG_0468  IMG_0615

IMG_0616  IMG_0643 

IMG_0622  IMG_0648

IMG_0618  IMG_0471

We had some fun and played some games, and showed off the house. Speaking of which, I’ll post some pics soon Grandma!

small town quirks


so we moved to a town that doesn’t have a Target. I’m surviving without one, but let’s be honest, I’ve never lived this far away from one! there are a few other interesting quirks that I’ve noticed so far. like calling people back, namely me, they get around to it when they can. and the local library has rules all their own. when I got my library card last week, I got to check out one book, that’s right , just one. well, now that a bit different for us, so of course we went home with a Max and Ruby, because we couldn’t not get that. it’s okay, they just want to make sure you are trustworthy, now we can check out more, but there is a limit on the children’s books, only 5 at time.  I used to have to limit the chiclets to picking only a dozen or so. but I think it will work out. today we got our 5 childrens books and the book I wanted was there, that’s a good thing – less competition on the popular reads.  Unbroken, in case you were wondering, I’ll let you know how I like it. oh, and the kids love storytime, well let’s call it music time because they don’t read stories in the younger group, but they do provide a snack! yay for saving me, since I forgot to pack a snack bag!

discovering some fun…

august 25th

IMG_0515  IMG_0517

we met up with some of our friends at the Discovery Center for a little fun.

We decided it was worth the membership fee, if we only go once a month, which will be no problem!

IMG_0518  IMG_0519

The chiclets actually painted for at least 10 minutes, that a record for maintaining their attention on one activity, besides destroying the house that one can keep them busy for 10 minutes too!

IMG_0522  IMG_0524

They had so much fun discovering, and playing with their friends that after lunch we went back inside for more… I had to drag them outta there, definitely gonna get my money’s worth on this one.