How old are you? Two!

Her birthday started off like any other… balloons!

IMG_0582  IMG_0585  IMG_0455

Then there were presents to open and muffins to eat.


It’s sometimes hard to catch this whirlwind in a picture. She has on her new blue sunglasses, new pink outfit, and her “shoe-shoes.”

She had her two year checkup on her birthday and she was TERRIFIED of the new doctor’s office, nurse, and doctor.

She is about 75% for height and weight. And her head circumference must be off the charts because the nurse measured her head at least three different times because she though she got it wrong. I finally told her, my kids have big heads, I’m sure its right!

We went to Lowe’s to get some hardware for her big present, and of course she had to ride the tractors…

IMG_0589  IMG_0457

When Daddy came home she got to open her big present… A SWING! (or a “Baby Bee” as she calls it)

birthday “baby bee”

Then on Saturday we had a fun family party. Of course, I didn’t take many pictures, but she had a blast. The boys were eager to help.

IMG_0468  IMG_0615

IMG_0616  IMG_0643 

IMG_0622  IMG_0648

IMG_0618  IMG_0471

We had some fun and played some games, and showed off the house. Speaking of which, I’ll post some pics soon Grandma!


2 thoughts on “How old are you? Two!

  1. Happy Birthday, Natalie! (Or Matalie, as Sophie calls her). Yay for a new swing. We miss our old one and this reminded me that we need to get one up here asap! Miss you guys and can’t wait to see pictures of your house!

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