random happiness…

sportin’ Aunt Rissa’s shorts…loving it!


the kids love walking the square of Mac-Mini-ville!


The Bubble Boy!

IMG_0537  IMG_0545

a little bit of fun with our cousin wears us out!!

IMG_0549  IMG_0552

Last week, we headed to the county fair for FHE!

IMG_0443  IMG_0557

IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0558 

There was plenty to see, and do, and EAT, I can’t believe we only spent 20 bucks! And yes, the purple cow ice cream was delicious, smooth, creamy, and PURPLE!  Luke and Daddy rode the Ferris Wheel and he was ExCiTeD!


and once again, Luke was tired but tried not to show it. thus he “hid” in his blanket and promptly crashed.


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