rockin it!

yeah, I know you missed me. just a bit, admit it.  well I ran a 5k. and I may be somewhat small, but cardio-fit— not so much. So I trained for a couple of weeks. I set a few personal goals and I met them! I wanted to run the first mile, no stopping, no walking, check. I wanted to never stop, always keep moving, check. I wanted to finish in under 45 mins, check. My official time was 34.12. I wanted to eat as much of the runner’s breakfast as I could, check. Could I have pushed myself a little more, yes. Did I get a side cramp after running for 1.5 min, yes. Am I happy with my Personal Record, yes. Will I run again, maybe.

IMG_0709 with my girls. Kristen, Steph, and Terra, you rock!


do I own running clothes, no. yes, I think my big clothes slowed me down, but check out that big ugly medal I got. yeah! rockin it! so really I just loved seeing my name printed on that race bib.

also, rocked Wags this week…


All for under $17 (5.20 was tax), so really each item was like a dollar… cold medicine, contact solution, allergy meds… doesn’t get much better than this!  Walgreens won out for drugstore of the week!


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