the little shadow…

Luke loves to jump right in and help with whatever you are doing. If I’m cooking, he wants to add all the ingredients (and lick the bowl). If I’m cleaning bathrooms, he has to spray the mirrors and scrub the toilets. If Darin is mowing the lawn, he has to ride along, or raking leaves, or starting a fire (he loves that).  One day the missionaries came over to give a little service and we happily put them to work.  They helped us clear out all the overgrowth along the outside of the fence.  Thanks guys! and of course Luke just wanted to get to work with them… he found some gloves and got his rake. and he wasn’t too happy when I said it was time to go to the library!


and then there were the turtles found in the brush, we just couldn’t leave them alone.

IMG_0721 IMG_0722

I’m glad I get to glimpse the world through my almost-four-year-old’s eyes every once in a while, it’s just so cool!

oh and he doesn’t forget anything. so we will definitely be canoeing at the Blocker’s sooner than later!


Happy Thanksgiving!

if you’re in Canada, or are Canadian. if not, happy columbus day.


We had a fabulous feast to celebrate (finally I remembered ahead of time and actually planned something, instead of defaulting to “oh its Canadian Thanksgiving, wanna go out to eat to celebrate?!) We were happy to have our friend Anatoliy join us.  Darin found a delicious sauce recipe for our porkchops, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and corn (our staple veggies), homemade rolls, and two pies. Cause Darin said one pie just isn’t enough…banana cream and lemon cream!


YUM! We love Canada. We love Canadians.

oh and Darin did some cleaning on the house, isn’t he wonderful…

IMG_0739  IMG_0737

and Luke was a great helper. he was dying to get on the roof, but its just a bit to high for my little heart to handle.