tricks and lots of treats!

we celebrated big this year, of course, so big I forgot to take pics.

Here are the some I got off facebook from some guests at our party.





Darin shaved some wicked chops for his golfer costume. I was Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.


So we had a house full (30+) Saturday night for yummy food, thanks everyone for being treats to share, and lots of fun games… bobbing for apples, donuts on a string (quite a hit!), pin the wart on the witch, ghosts in the graveyard, Hal O’Ween in the coffin, pumpkin patch match, and basketball. We had great costumes, but the Whoopie Cushion won out as the favorite.  Luke was voted as the scariest costume, being a lil ghost.  His friend Abe from church came and he was ecstatic. He showed him everything he could think of, even took him outside to see the lawnmower!  Everyone loved the trick or treat pinatas too. I wish I would have taken pictures of everyone as the arrived like I had planned, but the camera sat by the door all night as I ran around this and that and whatever! Mom was an awesome pirate and Marissa surprised us as a way too sexy black cat. I’ll try and get a pic to add here.

IMG_0575 IMG_0576

Anatoliy came trick or treating with us Monday night. I really appreciated the extra hands!

Luke and Natalie just LOVED it. After every house, Luke would whisper to me, let’s go to another one! and every time we got back n the car, Natalie begged, “mo houses, mo houses.”


Here’s my lil spook and the princess (she only wore her crown half the time). They went trick or treating on Main Street, at the ward trick or treat, and around several neighborhoods, but in the end our neighborhood was our favorite.





2 thoughts on “tricks and lots of treats!

  1. Looks like so much fun. We are sorry we didn’t make it to the party, but we would love to see your place (and show off our latest addition, too) sometime when things are a little less crazy! Happy Halloween!

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