Stone Door

We’ve been blessed with a lot of great fall weather.  Today it was in the high 70s… its November… CrAzY. Last Friday we for a little hike with the kiddos. It couldn’t have been a better day.


Stone Door is a popular place to visit, but we had it all to ourselves on the way there. Here the chiclets are posing by the start of the 1 mile trip.  About 50 steps away from this sign, the whining began…”I can’t walk anymore.” “Hold me.” “I forgot to tell you my legs are tired.” So we took a little break…


Once they were thoroughly rested and totally distracted by cool bugs and trees and things we headed off.

They pretty much walked the rest of the mile, across 5 bridges, through soft sand, and over many tree roots. Nat only tripped 5 or 6 times (then I started holding her up) and then she hopped quite a bit. Did I mention how much energy she has?

WE MADE IT! Darin tried to get me to look over the edge, but I wasn’t falling for it. haha… Scared me to death though letting Luke look over.

IMG_0800   IMG_0803

Heading down the steps through Stone Door.


We had some lunch and threw rocks as far as we could.


Time to go. The kids had a great time and we did too!


oh, except Luke got stuck in a tree and we had to call the ranger to get him out.


just kidding.


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