game plan…

This Christmas was going to be magical. I was gonna be ready.

Decorations were up after Thanksgiving. 98% presents were bought and wrapped by December 1st.


Elf spottings occurred regularly. Christmas treats were made and delivered.


But then something happened. Time flew by. It was two days until Christmas Eve and I hadn’t started treasure hunts, and Christmas cards were coming back in the mail (sorry if you didn’t get our card, we moved and some of you did too!).


(Christmas Eve jammies and hats & gloves and flashlights)

But have no fear, we pulled it all together. Christmas Eve day was spent playing games and eating yummy food. Our plan worked perfectly and the little tikes were exhausted and OUT on the drive home.

IMG_1044  IMG_1045

So Santa’s elves were able to prep the tree, and I set the table for breakfast…and Santa stopped by!

IMG_1048  IMG_1047

They even slept in until 7!!! But the excitement on their faces was PRICELESS!

IMG_1058 IMG_1059 

IMG_1057 IMG_1060

They loved everything they opened. They were having so much fun they helped me and Darin open ours. I enjoyed relaxing and watching the kids become overwhelmed with all their new treasures. Of course we had to scramble to get to church on time! During which Natalie was spinning circles to all the musical numbers. I didn’t know whether to stop her or just laugh!


We headed up to be with family again where we found my Dad ready to play Santa. Luke was the elf for a while but I didn’t get a picture of him. Natalie tried being the elf, but she wouldn’t wear the hat and she quite after Santa found a present for her. The big boys were all excited to get their RC helicopters (especially since I had convinced them they weren’t getting them) and the little boys LOVED their RC monster trucks!

I have to say we were spoiled again this year! We have been blessed with so much. We are grateful for everything. Grateful for family and friends and the strength of the gospel to guide us!

MaGiCaL? I think we are on our way!

p.s. I’ll  have to post Natalie’s treasure hunt later, because it is hilarious!


a fabulous trip to Kansas City…

you know me, I don’t remember to take pictures so this is what you get from the trip…

IMG_0938 IMG_0939 IMG_0945 

Nat hiding in the comfy couch, Luke’s black eye, a silly girl hamming it up

IMG_0955 IMG_0948 IMG_0959

cuddles with Grandma, playing with baby Jesus, enticing Diablo to growl

IMG_0960 IMG_0963 IMG_0966 

chillin with Madi, playing with Alex, trying to get Ethan’s attention

IMG_0968 IMG_0971  IMG_0972

lovin the girl time, can’t get enough of Diablo, complete exhaustion

So really we had a fabulous trip, the kids were great in the car. There were a few more people around, like Grandpa and Aunt Darci and Uncle Pat, oh and… ELDER LANDON EVANS!!! The kids had such a blast playing with their cousins (Nat still reminds me every night that all her cousins love her). They couldn’t get enough of Grandpa and Grandma (they were quite sad when they woke up on Tuesday and they couldn’t find G & G). Darin and I gained 5 pounds from eating yummy treats all weekend. Poor Diablo and Sydney got more attention than they probably wanted! We are so glad that we could visit with everyone and welcome home such an awesome missionary for serving so faithfully these past two years. Landon we are so proud of you! Did I take a picture of Landon? Nope, but maybe Darin did!?!

a tour…

Well I finally did it… I’d like to introduce you to our new home, our first house!

It only took me months to just post something… I wanted to finish decorating and have everything clean, but it just was taking too long, so here is a tour of the not completely decorated or furnished, messy house!

Welcome to 75 Wilson Lane…


Luke’s room…                             Natalie’s room…

IMG_0910   IMG_0909

Our room and bathroom (not finished decorating or furnishing for sure!)…

IMG_0902  IMG_0903  IMG_0905

Living room and kitchen…

IMG_0907   IMG_0906

Dining room (someday), office now…


The face Nat makes when you say, “Smile and say cheese”

and the handsome lil Luke playing in the bonus room…

IMG_0915   IMG_0916

and if you want to take the long video tour around the house…

tour of the house