a tour…

Well I finally did it… I’d like to introduce you to our new home, our first house!

It only took me months to just post something… I wanted to finish decorating and have everything clean, but it just was taking too long, so here is a tour of the not completely decorated or furnished, messy house!

Welcome to 75 Wilson Lane…


Luke’s room…                             Natalie’s room…

IMG_0910   IMG_0909

Our room and bathroom (not finished decorating or furnishing for sure!)…

IMG_0902  IMG_0903  IMG_0905

Living room and kitchen…

IMG_0907   IMG_0906

Dining room (someday), office now…


The face Nat makes when you say, “Smile and say cheese”

and the handsome lil Luke playing in the bonus room…

IMG_0915   IMG_0916

and if you want to take the long video tour around the house…

tour of the house

7 thoughts on “a tour…

  1. Wow!! Spacious and magnificent! Not too shabby of a starter house. Or a starter tree house, for that matter! What a blast. I’m glad you didn’t wait till it was all picked up, because when does that ever happen with little kids around? Good job picking out such a pretty house & lot. Hope you have a riding lawnmower!!

  2. Wow! The house is so cute and the treehouse looks awesome…I mean, who else has a rope bridge in their back yard?! Loved the tour 🙂

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