a fabulous trip to Kansas City…

you know me, I don’t remember to take pictures so this is what you get from the trip…

IMG_0938 IMG_0939 IMG_0945 

Nat hiding in the comfy couch, Luke’s black eye, a silly girl hamming it up

IMG_0955 IMG_0948 IMG_0959

cuddles with Grandma, playing with baby Jesus, enticing Diablo to growl

IMG_0960 IMG_0963 IMG_0966 

chillin with Madi, playing with Alex, trying to get Ethan’s attention

IMG_0968 IMG_0971  IMG_0972

lovin the girl time, can’t get enough of Diablo, complete exhaustion

So really we had a fabulous trip, the kids were great in the car. There were a few more people around, like Grandpa and Aunt Darci and Uncle Pat, oh and… ELDER LANDON EVANS!!! The kids had such a blast playing with their cousins (Nat still reminds me every night that all her cousins love her). They couldn’t get enough of Grandpa and Grandma (they were quite sad when they woke up on Tuesday and they couldn’t find G & G). Darin and I gained 5 pounds from eating yummy treats all weekend. Poor Diablo and Sydney got more attention than they probably wanted! We are so glad that we could visit with everyone and welcome home such an awesome missionary for serving so faithfully these past two years. Landon we are so proud of you! Did I take a picture of Landon? Nope, but maybe Darin did!?!


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