new year, new happenings

So my adorable four year old set out for a new adventure… preschool!

First he had to get a checkup and some immunizations… 5 shots…boy he was mad at me. He only agreed to get a couple, but I decided to just get them all over with so he won’t need any until 7th grade!

So I had to give him something for being so tough…

IMG_1087 IMG_1088

…ice cream at McD’s and playing in the playplace. It helped him forget the pain for a lil bit.

Then Chuck E. Cheese with Aunt Rissa, and spending the night at Grandpa and Grandma’s helped too!

It’s just for three days a week, three hours a day at the high school.

On the first day, Luke got pretty excited when we got there. However, Natalie was in tears.

IMG_1093 IMG_1094

She wanted her big brother. She wanted to stay with him. She wanted him to come home with us.

She cried and threw a fit for 25 minutes in the parking lot.

So I’m trying to make mommy & me time fun, but I still don’t compare to her lil idol.

Luke seems to enjoy school, yet everyday he says he is not going back. we’ll give him another week!

Another first… the first snow of 2012! (possibly the only snow, you never know, but hopefully there will be some more!)

IMG_1101 IMG_1108

They were SOOO excited. They can’t wait for enough snow to build a snowman. We’ll see.