all tuckered out…

…when the partying is just too much.



spreading the love…

We’ve had such a warm winter so far this year, that you often find us running around outside and digging in the dirt. But we didn’t miss out on the chance to spread a little love for Valentine’s Day.

IMG_1178 IMG_1179

IMG_1180 IMG_1182

We were so excited the pink cow visited us with pink milk for breakfast! We put on our handcrafted valentine’s outfits, decorated valentines for family and friends, ate yummy treats. Luke had a fun party at preschool and Natalie had a fun party at story time. They got Valentine’s in the mail and surprises from Mom and Dad. Lots o’Love for these two!

she’s growing up she said…

At story time today, another mother commented how much Nat’s grown lately. We’ve only been going to story time for about six months, but even she’s noticed!

My little sassy pants is a great helper. She helps with laundry, and cooking, and cleaning, and even helps lotion my legs!

As all mothers seem to say though, its seems all too fast.

IMG_1152 IMG_1153 IMG_1154

I have quite a few good snapshots of my baby saved in my mind, but it’s a bit harder to actually get a picture of this whirlwind of energy.

IMG_1160  IMG_1162  IMG_1161

yep. way too fast.