do you forget pi day? we didn’t.

homemade pot pie for dinner!


discovery center playdate


We had a playdate with our favs Anndi and Caleb. Luke was so excited. Here is his pic of Caleb and he wrote his name! (I helped him spell it of course). We love the Discovery Center and we did everything on the first floor, so we never even went upstairs—that’s a first for us!


If Caleb lived next door, I would NEVER see Luke. They have so much fun together!


IMG_1289 IMG_1288

Last Sunday we headed out for a family drive, to the oldest standing LDS church in the southeast. Northcutt Cove Chapel was once a stake center built in 1909. It is in great condition and has become a historical landmark.

You can go right in and explore.

IMG_1290 IMG_1292

IMG_1295 IMG_1296

It’s cool to imagine earlier Saints gathering together to be taught and uplifted. I could just imagine talk of being righteous and faithful and one day the Saints would have a temple. 91 years later the temple was built in Nashville. I’m sure there was great rejoicing from those Saints in heaven. 

The kids really enjoyed seeing the chapel.  They thought it was fun to sit on the back row. Luke also tried his hand at preaching from the pulpit. Darin and I debated over the best seat in the winter time, right in front of or behind the big wood-burning stove. Then we took a walk around the cemetery behind. Interesting to see gravestones from the early 20s mixed with some as recent as 2011.


It was a beautiful day for a beautiful drive to a beautiful historic site.


We’ve had our share of viruses already this year, then the allergies hit with EVERYTHING blooming around us. We are now feeling better and trying to remember our allergy meds every day.  Ahhh! We can enjoy ourselves and the beauty all around us. Ben Lomand (a phone/internet/TV company) had a kids day and we had to check it out, even though we aren’t actually customers. Free snowcones, cotton candy, popcorn, prizes, bounce house, and face painting! I went home with one cute lil puppy and Nat loved her heart. When looking in the mirror, she kept grabbing her chin and trying to turn her cheek into view, hahaha… just didn’t work!

IMG_1277 IMG_1278

thanks Ben Lomand!

while Luke is at school…

the girls go shopping!

Natalie has started to enjoy a little break from the big brother. She knows it means we will probably go shopping or to storytime! When we end up in a store though sometimes we spend a lot of time looking toys and girly things. And she often has her hands full of things she wants. But hey, if she lets me look at everything I want to look at, of course I can let her play with those tempting toys in the middle of the isle.

IMG_1271 IMG_1273

oh, and shopping is much more fun in a tutu.


take my picture mom!


Such fabulous spring weather, despite what the groundhog said!

We headed out to Burgess Falls one day, it was just so beautiful out!

IMG_0875 IMG_0877

let’s just walk a little way down the path…

IMG_0878 IMG_0879 

ohh, look at this, let’s go a little bit farther…

IMG_0881 IMG_0883

okay, but I didn’t really wear my walking shoes guys…

IMG_0886 IMG_0887

oh mom, we are so close to the big falls, yeah let’s go to the BIG FALLS!

IMG_0893 IMG_0895

they walked the whole way there, and rode all the way back…

IMG_0896 IMG_0898

shooting each other, you like natalie’s guns (err fists)?!