finishing off february… photo overload

sorry its been a while. February was wonderful even though we didn’t blog about it.

lots of playdates with awesome friends and picnic lunches in the treehouse…

IMG_1228        IMG_1230

new beautiful artwork thanks to Pace and Joy, love Smile

IMG_0857   IMG_0866

Darin went skiing with the young men on Sugar Mountain…

IMG_0860   IMG_0861

here’s my favorite picture of the few he took…

 IMG_0863   IMG_0864

but this is the only picture he sent me while he was away…


just rubbing that sweet delicious treat in my face!

that’s okay, we had a potty party at home without him!


we went adventuring to a new beautiful area of Warren County for dinner, but didn’t find the playground until after dark. didn’t stop these kiddos. they played in the glow of the headlights until we finally convinced them we had to go!


we got our picture in the paper for visiting Elvis day at the Southern Standard. Unfortunately my kids don’t smile for the camera of strangers, but they were very happy to get a free candy bar! and I was very happy to sign up for a year’s subscription for only a $1 a week, what a deal!!


oh and Natalie got in Darin’s sock drawer ?!


…which is at her eyelevel so I’m glad she didn’t knock herself in the head when she pulled it out!

Well, that was the rest of February, or what was caught on camera!


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