the new obsession…

our lil four year old has fallen in love


…with a galaxy far far away…


he loves playing Lego star wars so much that we have implemented a token system to earn play time …sound familiar mom and dad?! of course, Natalie earns tokens too, but she doesn’t have anything to redeem them on yet, but she hasn’t noticed! Smile however, most days you will find them playing star wars, Luke is generally Luke Skywalker, and Natalie is Pincess Le-yah. I found a star wars t-shirt for Luke at a consignment sale and he tries to wear it everyday, and isn’t too happy when he finds out its n the laundry. guess I better keep my eye out for a few more.


3 thoughts on “the new obsession…

  1. @Wendy, he earns tokens (bingo chips from my teaching days) for doing little jobs, being obedient, being kind. (He can also lose them from being disobedient or mean) Then he redeems them to pla the Wii (5 mins for each). He usually redeems 3-4 and play for 15-20 min. which is way better than before, when he would play for all of Natalie’s nap if I was busy cleaning or whatever.
    @Joy, I better check out Target, because he is going to wear that shirt to shreds!

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