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Last Sunday we headed out for a family drive, to the oldest standing LDS church in the southeast. Northcutt Cove Chapel was once a stake center built in 1909. It is in great condition and has become a historical landmark.

You can go right in and explore.

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It’s cool to imagine earlier Saints gathering together to be taught and uplifted. I could just imagine talk of being righteous and faithful and one day the Saints would have a temple. 91 years later the temple was built in Nashville. I’m sure there was great rejoicing from those Saints in heaven. 

The kids really enjoyed seeing the chapel.  They thought it was fun to sit on the back row. Luke also tried his hand at preaching from the pulpit. Darin and I debated over the best seat in the winter time, right in front of or behind the big wood-burning stove. Then we took a walk around the cemetery behind. Interesting to see gravestones from the early 20s mixed with some as recent as 2011.


It was a beautiful day for a beautiful drive to a beautiful historic site.


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