Easter Weekend

what? you thought I was gone for good right?! all good intentions of blogging these past two weeks got squeezed out by fun, exhaustion, and forgetfulness. But the kids are finally in bed, Darin is in North Carolina sleeping comfortably (I’m sure!) on his cot trying to tune out those chatty 12 year olds, and I have enough energy left to catch you up on our Easter weekend.

IMG_1448 IMG_1447

Saturday, we headed out for a little egg hunt with our friends, the Kominos family. (We play with their little girl every week!) Their church hosted an egg hunt with games for the the kids, hot dogs, and an unforgettable lesson about Easter. They shared the Easter story and the importance of the Savior’s atonement as the way for our sins to be forgiven and then they lit a cross covered with paper sins on fire. Natalie still talks about the fire. “mom, member the fire at the Easter hunt?”

IMG_1442  IMG_1443

Then the kids had egg hunts in age groups. Darin went with Luke and I went with Natalie. She was in the 3 and under. The were so cute. Most of the kids would run past several eggs just to get the one they saw. And several kids just ran to the swing set instead! It definitely took the group at least 20 minutes to gather all the eggs.  Luke came over to play before they had all been picked up!

IMG_1445 IMG_1452 

At home, we dyed eggs! We talked about how people used to dye eggs just red to remember the Savior’s sacrifice. Now we color them many colors just for fun.

IMG_1489 IMG_1460

IMG_1462 IMG_1463

Sunday, started with resurrection rolls for breakfast, and Easter surprises in their baskets. Then they got dressed in their matching outfits (cause I still have energy for that, but I’m sure it will run out!). They were pretty cute, and they were actually excited to match.

IMG_1497 IMG_1479

Church was fabulous and really gave us a chance to remember the amazing sacrifice of the Savior and the significance of His resurrection.  I am truly grateful for what He does for me. I loved talking with my Primary class about the reactions of those who He visited with after His death. I loved hearing how they felt about the Savior and our Father in Heaven’s love to let His son suffer so much.

IMG_1507 IMG_1514

Then we headed to the homestead for family dinner. Mom and Dad, it was delicious! and I was the lucky one to take home most of the leftovers. The cousins had their annual egg hunt! They love it!!

IMG_1512 IMG_1519

Then we had a little adults egg hunt with cash prize. It was a premeditated set up and Dawn was not falling for it, but Marissa did an excellent job at finding the $100 (which was promptly returned to mom’s secret savings stash) and we all ate plenty of treats from the adults-only baskets! Smile


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