Family Fun Day!

Luke just finished up preschool at the high school. He started in January and he has loved it. The last day was a family fun day with a Hawaiian theme. Natalie was pretty excited that we were going to school with him and Luke was really excited to show us around.

IMG_1603  IMG_1602

They had face painting, temporary tattoos, decorate a shell/starfish, get your picture at the “beach,” and color a fish hat stations. We did them all!


They had yummy Hawaiian treats. The kids especially loved the umbrellas on the muffins and the blue jello.

IMG_1606  IMG_1607

And of course we got to play on the playground..a LOT. They pretty much didn’t want to leave. 


He also got a few gifts (whistle, thanks guys, book, and bracelet) from the teachers as well. All the teens in the class are really sweet and do a great jobs with the kids. And the teacher teachers are fabulous. I’m glad we decided to participate!

Natalie is so thrilled she gets to join in the fun in the fall!


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