someone is getting older…

so I had the big birthday. I left behind the crazy fun of the twenties, and welcomed a new decade. So we had to go big. Fifty partyers joined us at our house for Darin’s delicious grilling and lawn games and cupcakes! I think everyone had a blast, I know I did. but of course I didn’t capture too many pictures.

photo(37) photo(36)

photo(35) photo(34)

Thank you all for celebrating with me! We also enjoyed Aston’s baby blessing on my birthday and dinner with my parents. YUM! and homemade birthday brownies, double yum.


Then we stretched the birthday celebration out to Monday and ate out at Applebee’s (thanks Kenny & Chastity!)… fabulous.


and Natalie slept through the whole meal, so it was like we only had one kid!


Yay for birthdays. I might be done with them though. I’ve almost caught up to my 35-year-old mom!


2 thoughts on “someone is getting older…

  1. Happy birthday to you!!! You are such a great mom & friend & cousin, etc. Glad you celebrated so thoroughly! I absolutely LOVE that pic of Natalie asleep in the stroller. Cracked me up!!!

  2. Happy belated birthday girl! I thought about you this week since we both hit the big 30 together. Ha it doesn’t feel any difference huh;)

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