outdoor adventure

Visiting Twin Falls at Rock Island. Sometimes our adventures don’t seem fun to Luke, sad face…

IMG_1977  IMG_1978 

But then we did a little climbing around and exploring and he decided it was pretty fun.

Can you find us in the picture below?


It was hot and humid though, so Darin and I kept the visit short!


celebrate with a bang!

We started the festivities on the 3rd at the park. We met Spongebob, and jumped and jumped and jumped!

IMG_1944  IMG_1945

Checking out the helicopter, and Marissa, Taylor and I on the rock climbing wall…

IMG_1948  IMG_1950

The kids got to ride the train. This little guy chose to sit by the cute girl instead of Luke, what a smooth mover!

I also lost every race through the obstacle course, here’s Nathan already standing while I tumble my way out!

IMG_1953  IMG_1963

We got a great spot for watching the fireworks, if only we could have put up a 50 foot wall to keep smokers away!


Quite a show, thanks Smyrna! Luke was mesmerized. Of course Natalie hit her breaking point about 8 pm and fireworks didn’t start until 9:15, so she was quite the chatterbox throughout the show, and spent more time trying to get everyone to plug their ears or look at her than actually watching the fireworks, heehee silly girl.

IMG_1968  IMG_1967

Independence Day was beautiful! Aaron and Dawn took me and the kids out on the boat while Darin had to work. We had a blast riding the tube, swimming around, and wake surfing – so awesome. I can’t wait to do it again! Even Dad got in the water!


We ended the night shooting fireworks off at home with Daddy (Luke was in heaven) and catching the show in McMinnville. Thanks Dr Pepper for sponsoring the fun, and we love your drink! Smile



Well the season wrapped up in the sweltering heat.

They played their last game and were melting out there.


Natalie’s usual position for most of the games: in the stroller with food.


Luke’s first trophy!


Although they don’t keep score, they pretty much won every game. Our team definitely understood to run to the bases to get other kids out! There were even a few double plays. We were lucky if Luke didn’t shuffle along kicking up the white dust as he ran the bases, but a few others were a little more athletic to balance out the beginners!

Luke and his coach!




IMG_1878 IMG_1869

we brought the cupcakes, aren’t the little baseballs cute?!

I was proud of him. He went from always kicking and throwing dirt during the first game to watching and fielding balls. And he loved hanging out with his team in the dugout!

how does your garden grow?

We are so excited to see the seeds and bulbs we’ve planted just blossom!

IMG_1841 IMG_1842 IMG_1843

I don’t think we should have watered the gladiolus with miracle grow the first few times, they are all as tall as Luke!      Surprise, our little plants bloom purple flowers. Yay, little shasta daisies popping out on our front porch.

and here is our garden over a week ago…

IMG_1844 IMG_1847 IMG_1849

Now we can see the corn cobs growing, the tomatoes getting fatter, and little cucumbers and peppers starting!

and these huge leaves are the pumpkins taking over the garden…


some leaves are bigger than my face and the vines are running everywhere. lesson learned: put pumpkins by themselves, not in the middle of the garden and not beside the watermelons! I don’t know if the watermelon have a chance.

of course these pictures are before we hit record setting highs in the 100s. Everything out front has gotten fried, but luckily our garden has some shade and we’ve watered it every day. Hopefully rain will come soon, not just for our little garden’s sake but for all the farmers around us!

summertime adventures…

at the Discovery Center

IMG_1787  IMG_1795

at Riverfront Park

IMG_1835 IMG_1833

IMG_1853 IMG_1856

at Dairy Day

IMG_1803 IMG_1804

IMG_1811 IMG_1810

meeting Snowbird


at Back to the 60s Day

 IMG_1818 IMG_1819 IMG_1823

at the park


enjoying free ice cream


at Air Up!

IMG_1886 IMG_1887


well, that about wraps up June! Of course, there was plenty of playing with cousins, swimming in their pool, playing in the sprinklers, making a lot of messes at home, and sweating in the heat!