We arrived at G&G Davies pretty late, so we got tucked in and headed to Rexburg in the morning.

UNCLE SCOTT and AUNT CHRISTINA …woohoo! (Natalie still talks about your princess cup she got to drink out of!)

IMG_2055 IMG_2061

we got explore BYU-I a bit before heading off to a celebratory dinner (thanks again Dad!)…

IMG_2062 IMG_2066  IMG_2067

If you think my food looks good (which it was), you should have seen the party platter the graduates gobbled down- impressive!

And then it was time to graduate! Here’s the cheering section…

IMG_2070 IMG_2072 IMG_2073

and the dynamic duo…


Leave it to my sister the only Psychology major walking in the Graphic & Performing Arts College to put on a show! Smile She strutted across the stage like it was a Miss America pageant, looking just that beautiful. I was laughing too much to take a picture. I think my mom missed hearing Scott’s name because she was so distracted!  Congrats again, we are happy for ya!

Of course after their photo session, the kids got to dress up too…


Whenever Natalie looks at this picture, she fondly remembers with a smile on her face “that’s when Luke and me graduated!”


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