I’m a big girl now!

Home again, home again, jiggety jig. Getting back into our routine was kind of hard after such a long exciting vacation. Plus, we had several things to do. Dental appointments, doctor checkups, and most importantly Natalie’s Big Girl Day! I delayed it long enough, it was time to get rid of the pacifiers. With Luke we took him on a big boy day and he loved it so we figured we would continue the tradition. We headed to Opry Mills for some fun. First stop, bass Pro Shops for Darin to check out some guns and check out the fish. Then she got to pick dinner –pizza, ride the carousel, and go shopping with her “babas.”  With Luke we went to Build-A-Bear, but across from there was the Disney store which was more enticing to Natalie. So we headed in to look at all the princess stuff, Ariel being her favorite. 

IMG_2222 IMG_2223 

IMG_2224 IMG_2226

I thought she would want an Ariel doll (no problem) or dress (could be pricey). But she ended up finding an Ariel sippy (on sale) and Ariel flip flops (also on sale, I promise I was not persuading her) and a Cinderella camera (not on sale, but hey she has to have a little bit of Darin in her right?!). Totally not what I thought, but she was happy to give away her pacifiers and be a big girl! Then we headed over to Dave and Buster’s to hear Due West playing (did I plan this well or what?! Smile). It was so fun to catch a bit of their show and see some friends. After a while it was bed time and “too loud” for Luke so we headed home.

I will note that the happiness of her purchases didn’t last long, and she wanted those pacifiers back. It took her about 6 days of asking for them when she was tired or upset to finally get that they were gone. Luke only took about two days, but he didn’t have as great of an attachment to them, so we knew it would be a little harder. She is great now though and loves to show off what she got for giving away her “baba”!


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