these days…

We’ve been spending our time playing with friends, making treats with Daddy, and begging him not to go to work…

IMG_2240  IMG_2242 IMG_2243

Natalie has finally discovered the fun of drawing people and “writing.” If you happen to get a letter or picture from her, know that you are lucky because I only let her actually mail one or two out of the dozens she creates. Of course our sweet mail carrier enjoyed a few pictures I forgot to remove from the mailbox after she went to bed. Which was great because she wrote her back, thanking her for the pictures!


Also Natalie has taken a liking to calling us Darin and Nada more often than Mom and Dad. I just nicely remind her that she can still call us Mom and Dad.  Really though most things are cute when she talks, except for the whining and crying, that I could do without. I love when she whispers, “Can I tell you a secret? I love you.”

She also has a ridiculous love for stickers right now. My handvac has about 30 stickers on it, I’ve scraped way too many off my table and walls, and  every day I am wearing a few… sometimes I forget. I wonder how many people were laughing at the upside-down ice cream sundae on my chest as we ran errands last week… oops!


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