Well, we’ve definitely lived here a year now because we made our second appearance at the the Warren County Fair last week. We like to support local business, schools, and communities so we always choose a night to eat dinner at the fair.


Unfortunately the petting zoo backed out last minute, but we still checked out the chicken house, all the booths, and the kiddie play area. The seesaw was a hit!

IMG_2354 IMG_2357

 IMG_2359 IMG_2360 

Luke was mesmerized in the blacksmith shop, watching him pound the heated metal into a new shape. Might have something to do with his love of fire!

IMG_2362 IMG_2363

There were a couple of rides we thought they would like so we purchased a few tickets. Of course they recommend that pregnant women shouldn’t ride, so Darin took them on the Ferris Wheel. Luke pretended to be scared but loved it because he already knew what it would be like. Natalie, the first timer, was a bit scared but loving it (death grip on Darin’s arm with a permagrin on her face)!

IMG_2366 IMG_2371 

IMG_2373 IMG_2374

We went back to catch our friend in the baby show and then on the last night for one final ride to use up our tickets. There was so much more that we didn’t participate in, maybe we will slowly get more involved in all the fun.


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