Stepping on those milestones…

First day of Kindergarten…


He was all too excited. And yet a little nervous. The whole family walked him in to say goodbye. Once seated, he was ready! Angry Birds Star Wars backpack and Star Wars lunch box loaded with all of his supplies.


Natalie didn’t have too much time to miss him, since we spent most of the day at church in a YW presidency meeting, but she wanted to make sure we made him his cake. When the day was over, we celebrated with back to school cake, which looked like a big sprinkle donut, while he told us all about it.  They decorated it, of course.

IMG_4074 IMG_4075 IMG_4077 IMG_4079

And candles, because every cake, cupcake, and muffin at our house needs candles!

He said they did a lot of “exploring.” He went to music class, which was only a little fun. His playground was wet on the slide and there was a boy who didn’t speak AT ALL.

It was all too cute. He also earned two bucks of Creek Cash (school rewards) which he claims you spend in the cafeteria to buy lunch, not so sure about that.

The night before Darin gave him a school blessing. He blessed him with confidence to be a leader at school. I hope he can be a good example to his classmates. I hope he can make some good friends and enjoy school. I also hope he can be challenged.

His next day went better. Although “school is long,” he had fun doing the Hokey Pokey and going to library was great. He got to be the line leader at the end of the day. I asked if Ms. Penny is a nice teacher or kinda tough… he responded, “Kinda tough. You have to remember to push in your chair and the girls have to walk one square away from the wall and the boys have to walk one square away from the girls (in the hall).’”  I think he is paying attention!