well, it’s here…

the day is finally here. Darin takes his boards. today. pray all goes well.



He’s done!

with the test that is… now we wait.

wait for the go, the green light. the word “pass” to light up on the screen. confetti to fall from the sky. worry to melt away. balloons to soar, smiles to widen. the announcer to call his name over the loudspeaker.

well, something like that.

I’ll keep you posted.


soon to be Dr. Payne…


I haven’t bragged in awhile on my handsome hubby,

but here he is, off on his FINAL internship,

and loving it.

He is just a few weeks away from graduation.

We can’t believe how fast these three years have flown by,

and yet that first anatomy class seems forever ago.

I am just so proud of him, how hard he works,

he gives 110% everyday, he loves his patients,

and he is putting together the grad gala for his class.

while also spending his free time,

trimming trees, mowing the lawn, cleaning up the puke from a tantrum,

helping me cook dinner, and bake cookies!

Year One In The Books!

Well, I did it. I made it through my first full year (3 semesters) of PT school…pending I didn’t fail any classes this semester, which I don’t think I did. It is a pretty fantastic feeling! The school year went by wicked fast, which means these next 2 will go by even faster because of the clinical internships I will be doing. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be in school, and count it as one of my many blessings…although sometimes, I will admit, I curse it to no end. But now, its summer vacation for me. This includes spending time with Nada and Luke, traveling to KC for Landon’s graduation, and of course, PEBBLE BEACH. I am looking forward to not having to worry about homework/exams for a month. I think it is a much needed breather! I am looking forward to the aforementioned activities and doing some straight-up RELAXING!

Wow. What a Semester!

Well, as of 11:00 this morning, I was officially done with my second semester of PT school. I am proud to report that I have made straight A’s up to this point (still waiting on one more grade) and I am still having a blast and learning a ton! It was so nice to walk out of the building today and know that I don’t have to go back there for 5 weeks! A nice long break is just what I need. The question now becomes: What will I do with all my “free” time…well, I don’t know. It has been so long since I have had “nothing” to do that I am not sure just what to do with myself. I found myself wandering the house aimlessly this afternoon. Im thinking I might read a book, maybe watch some movies…do something school doesn’t permit me to do on a regular basis.

Straight A’s !

Well, since I know many of you are curious as to how I am doing in PT school, I am proud to announce that I have straight A’s at the midway point of the semester! I have been studying hard and praying a ton, so maybe that has something to do with it! The courseload is challenging, but it helps when everyone in the class is pulling for each other, rather than competing for ranks and positions.

Since I am on the topic, grad school is a little different from undergrad for various reasons. First of all, I actually feel like I am learning the material, rather than “cramming” it in my head before the exam. Secondly, you see the same people every day! There are 32 of us in the class, and I can already see a cohesiveness developing between us all! We will be together for three years, so by the end we become pretty close to one another. There are a couple more, but I won’t bore you with the details.

I am the only person in the class that has any kids! It is fun because all the girls see Luke’s pictures on my monitor and say that if we ever need a baby sitter they would be more than willing to help! Everybody thinks he is adorable and asks when they will get to finally meet my wife and baby. There are a few more who are married, so that is fun too. I am also the only LDS person in the class, but everybody seems to be pretty religious out here. In fact, last week before the other 2 groups went on their internships, we had a big group prayer together, where we all gathered in the breakroom, held hands and 2 people said prayers for the group! It was actually pretty neat to see and be a part of.

So, in short, school is great. I am glad we got in here at TSU and I know that we are supposed to be here. I fit the program well, and it fits me.

The Countdown Is On…

Well, what many of you may not know is that I will be leaving Utah for Tennessee in 10 days! I am going out a week before Nada does so I can work on establishing residency, register for classes, buy books, and figure out how in the heck to get around Nashville so I don’t get lost on my way to school on the first day! I am driving my car out, and am excited to be able to spend some time with the Evans’ in Kansas on the way out there. Nada will be teaching up till the 30th, and at 3:00 that afternoon she flies out as well. I have mixed feelings about leaving Utah. We will be very sad that we have to leave so many close friends and family members behind out here, but we are also excited to make new friends and be nearer to Nada’s family. I am grateful to be accepted to PT school and that I finally have the opportunity to do what I have wanted to do for some time now. SO…the moving truck gets here on the 22nd, and if anyone wants to come help load it up, you are more than welcome!


Well the time has come to grow up and move on with life. My first PT school application was due on (post marked by) the 10th of November, so here we are of course on the 9th of November finally putting it into an envelope to be mailed off to the University of Utah the next day. One down and several to go. It was a little stressful and worrisome putting it all into the envelope, checking and re-checking that everything was indeed there. Once it was in and mailed off the next morning, a huge load was off the chest. The rest of the applications should be a piece of cake now!
Here I am just after insertion…notice the changed facial expression/body language?

1st Day of the Last Semester at BYU!

Darin 1st Day

(click on the picture to make it bigger)


So Darin started back to school this week… He shaved his goatee and headed off for another series of chemistry, another series of physics, and trigonometry. Although it won’t be his favorite semester, we think he will survive. The goal is to do really well for the first half of the semester, so when the baby is born it won’t hurt him too much! Luckily he is taking Chemistry and Physics with Jack so at least he has someone to study with! This is his final semester at BYU, fairing evertyhing goes well… and that’s exciting times!