Nada the Nester

Nada has already begun going through the boy and girl baby tubs. What will this one be? Stay tuned.




its nice to just go for a ride.


hello flamingos. want a cracker? sorry I’m not sharing.

I’ve decided the best day to visit the zoo. When a drizzle is on.

The rain is cool and refreshing and lots of people head for the exit, leaving plenty of room to roam.

Plus the kiddo play area is completely covered, so I can sit back and watch them roll, jump and have a good time without worrying about them running into the big kids (getting knocked down, and crying… did I mention that happens a lot lately? the crying thing, not the gettign knocked down)


Just to keep you in the loop, June is National Dairy Month. Hello, milk, cheese, and yogurt. In honor of such a fabulous month, my sis-in-law let us in on a fabulous secret Dairy Day in the Boro.

what could be more fabulous than cow puppets?


FREE CHOCOLATE MILK!! yes, please!


and there were free ice cream sandwiches, but they ran out while we were in the mooovie,

no worries, we ended up with ice cream in our bellies somehow Smile

The chiclets got to play fun cow games, like throw the cowpie on the bullseye, who doesn’t love that game?

CIMG8629 CIMG8633 

They also got to work on the farm, picking apples from the tree, and veggies from the garden (a skill they have mastered at home), eggs from the chicken coop, and grain from the fields. Then they had to sort the foods into food groups, go sell their goods at the Farmer’s Market, and spend their money at the store. they bought coloring books! How cute is that?!

CIMG8632 CIMG8634

Our very adorable and excited friends came too and we had a blast meeting the cows…


okay, real ones too! (horrible picture, I couldn’t seem to catch the kids and the cows in a good shot)



look at our green thumbs…

so we had a doubting darin this year about planting a garden again, but we are actually growing something, err somethings!


we’ve harvested lettuce, cilantro, basil, and parsley. the green beans are coming in now, and the tomato plants smell fragrant so hopefully there will be something soon. not sure about the carrots, and jalapenos yet

but this is progress people.

I think we will top our 1 pepper and 3 tomatoes last year.

I think.

summertime heat…

yes we had a wave, a heat wave this weekend. I have fond memories of Christina and Marissa as babies spending all their days in their diaper. I’m sure they wore clothes sometimes but I don’t really remember that much! When summertime came, the clothes went. and so it is with Natalie…CIMG8173

She has discovered how to take off her clothes and well her diaper too. I’m encouraging her to keep that on, please.  She has also decided to potty train herself…

…well almost. She sits a lot, but doesn’t actually go. One of these times she will. and we will CHEER. A LOT. and maybe she’ll get it right off the bat, and I won’t have to work so hard this time. Right?! just maybe.

a mom can dream can’t she?!

just a few birthday wishes…

I waited to post about darin’s birthday weekend until I had pictures of this…


that’s right a POPASHOT! I was so excited he was getting this, yet it was hard to find it a home. It didn’t fit in our basement, like I originally planned, but I wasn’t giving up. We also didn’t know the backboard was an advertisement for one of Darin’s favorite snacks, bonus! Thanks Mom!


The birthday boy got to celebrate all weekend, since usually I throw a big bbq for him (but the weather wasn’t cooperating) we had to make it special in a different way! Friday night, Darin and I headed downtown together to enjoy one another’s company. Saturday he got to open presents and play with the chiclets. Sunday we grilled burgers and ate cake with the fam. (I forgot my SD card for that, but Aaron has a picture of the cake somewhere for me!)


He also got awesome new basketball shoes, an ironman watch, and cheeseballs.  Luke and Natalie were very excited about the cheeseballs as you can see above.  Luke also wanted to give him a present: his power ranger, extra lotion, and candy (which he would have to share with him!). And he has a bit of birthday money… just plotting and planning something good.


What birthday wouldn’t be complete without matching cards! haha…from who? Melanie and Gretchen of course! (So we know two things, it was probably a cheap card, and they definitely still have the same sense of humor! love it!) We all got a good laugh about that. Thanks everyone for sending him birthday love. I think he finally okay with his new age (if he can ever remember it!) Smile

our little artists

my chiclets love to draw, color, paint, cut, create…


natalie feels the paper is too limiting…


I hope this love of decorating the body doesn’t continue into the teenage years…


or at least she sticks with removable décor…


and her big brother decides to follow in his footsteps!

soon to be Dr. Payne…


I haven’t bragged in awhile on my handsome hubby,

but here he is, off on his FINAL internship,

and loving it.

He is just a few weeks away from graduation.

We can’t believe how fast these three years have flown by,

and yet that first anatomy class seems forever ago.

I am just so proud of him, how hard he works,

he gives 110% everyday, he loves his patients,

and he is putting together the grad gala for his class.

while also spending his free time,

trimming trees, mowing the lawn, cleaning up the puke from a tantrum,

helping me cook dinner, and bake cookies!