So Luke took his first steady steps today. He walked from Dad to Mom, a total of six steps with great balance! Of course, Darin ran to get the camera and Marissa to film our recreation, and Luke just thought it was funny. Like many other attempts at walking, Luke takes a few steps and dives towards you with great faith that he will be caught. After many shots of Luke laughing and diving, Marissa turned off the camera in disbelief that he really did it, and then he did it again!! Alas, the camera was off. At least she believed me.

Also at the dinner table, Luke was whining to Grandpa to get him out of his chair and Marissa said to Luke, “Say “Out” and Grandpa will get you out.” So Luke said Out! or so it sounded that way.


2 thoughts on “Newsflash!

  1. I found you! How in the world are you guys? Luke is so stinkin cute! Adorable. Congrats on the first steps. How old is he? I got so excited, I didn’t read the rest of your blog. Maybe I should before I ask such silly questions! Hope all is well- Love you

  2. I can’t believe Luke is getting so big and still so cute!! Already trying to walk…they grow so fast! We miss you tons and tons!

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