where have we been?

so I went to Alaska! and shipped the kids off to Canada with Daddy…

I met Smoky the Bear…


  and went kayaking with Marissa  (Mom & Dad went too when they got in town!)

IMG_0390  IMG_0417

and hiked Flattop with Rissa 

IMG_0398  IMG_0402  IMG_0406

Mom and Dad met a moose, and Sarah Palin…

IMG_0416 IMG_0451 IMG_0449

ok, so not an actual moose, but they all seemed to be hiding, but Sarah looks pretty real right?!

I saw lots of beautiful mountains, enormous glaciers, Alaskan wildlife…

(one black bear ran into the water and started playing with a stick and rolling around, he knew he had an audience.)

I learned all about the lovely fireweed that covers the roadsides, ice worms, highway patrol,

oh and all about Christina’s new in-laws!


the happy couple at the reception Smile


Me and Marissa showing our support and meeting all of Scott’s aunts!


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