small town quirks


so we moved to a town that doesn’t have a Target. I’m surviving without one, but let’s be honest, I’ve never lived this far away from one! there are a few other interesting quirks that I’ve noticed so far. like calling people back, namely me, they get around to it when they can. and the local library has rules all their own. when I got my library card last week, I got to check out one book, that’s right , just one. well, now that a bit different for us, so of course we went home with a Max and Ruby, because we couldn’t not get that. it’s okay, they just want to make sure you are trustworthy, now we can check out more, but there is a limit on the children’s books, only 5 at time.  I used to have to limit the chiclets to picking only a dozen or so. but I think it will work out. today we got our 5 childrens books and the book I wanted was there, that’s a good thing – less competition on the popular reads.  Unbroken, in case you were wondering, I’ll let you know how I like it. oh, and the kids love storytime, well let’s call it music time because they don’t read stories in the younger group, but they do provide a snack! yay for saving me, since I forgot to pack a snack bag!


3 thoughts on “small town quirks

  1. I would miss Target so much. But Jacob would love it because I would stop buying so much stuff “we don’t need”. Also, our story time in Utah was a music time and I loved it! Sophie and I had a hard time adjusting to having books read to us instead of singing and having kids dance all around. Hope you are having fun! Thanks again for coming the other night. It was good to see you again!

  2. One! Wow! It reminds me of trying to get a library card in Rexburg…just a leg and an arm and you’re good. Hahaha But seriously we had to get some much proof of who we were just to get a book Scott need for class for like a week. And I’m thinking it’s Rexburg come on! But I understand the precautions.

  3. I really enjoyed Unbroken, can’t wait to hear what you think about it! Our library here was the same way–one book to start, maybe it’s more universal than we thought!! Boo on Target—how far away is the nearest one, maybe you could drive the extra distance for a monthly fix? 😉

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