The Titans Caravan makes its rounds throughout May and one stop was in McMinnville! We went to check it out. Luke didn’t want a picture with T-Rac so I told him to go shake his hand. Then T-Rac swoops him with his other arm and Luke smiles for a picture! Natalie wasn’t going anywhere near that “doggie,” she didn’t even want the picture of him they were passing out.

IMG_1648 IMG_1649

Then we got to met Frank Wycheck and Blaine Bishop (former Titans players) and get their autographs. The State Parks were also a part of the plan and they brought along a bald eagle to meet. The ROTC was there and gave the kids dog tags and water bottlers. Kroger gave out cake!

IMG_1650 IMG_1651

The kids found it to be quite intriguing. I had fun and got my grocery shopping done too!


Here’s all the fun titans stuff we got. Funny thing, I put up the signed poster, bumper sticker, and the picture of T-Rac in each of the kid’s rooms. Natalie promptly pulled down the picture of T-Rac and I have yet to find it!


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