*things I want to remember*


Mom: Natalie what are you doing? (wearing a construction vest, scarf, backpack and carrying a sheet and a cell phone)

Nat: I’m going on be-cation with my Daddy. Daddy are you ready? (Daddy on the couch trying to relax for a minute)

Mom: Nat, can I come?

Nat: Yeah! You want to go on be-cation too? You can come on my be-cation!

Mom: I just have to finish these dishes. Where are we going?

Nat: On be-cation. With my Daddy.

Mom: Oh. But where are we going on vacation?

Nat: In my room. Here sit on my leash and I’ll pull you (referring to her sheet)

Mom: Oh. I hope we get to sleep on vacation. (It’s 9:30 pm and she’s wide awake!) 

Nat: No it’s NOT a sleepover Mom. It’s a cuddleover!

Mom: Sounds even better!


Lately, she also likes to take an old cell phone in the car and “turn on” shows for us, particularly “funny cat shows” and “silly cat shows,” however she often can’t find any good “mommy shows.”


On Sunday, Luke got a little toy dinosaur from his class. Nat really wanted to see it, but he wasn’t ready to share.

Nat: When I get big and be a boy like you, I will get a dinosaur too.

Luke: You can’t be a boy, you’re a girl.

Nat: But when I am a boy like you, I will get a dinosaur too.

Luke: No! You can’t be a boy.

Nat: Oh. (sounds kinda sad)

Mom: Nat when you turn 3 and get to go Sunbeams you will have Luke’s teacher and then you will get little surprises.

Nat: oh! ok! (much happier) Luke when I turn three I will get a dinosaur too. Can I see your dinosaur?

Luke: No. (still not ready to share, but when he gets a treat from his teacher, he often asks for one for his sister too, which she loves!)


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