Well the season wrapped up in the sweltering heat.

They played their last game and were melting out there.


Natalie’s usual position for most of the games: in the stroller with food.


Luke’s first trophy!


Although they don’t keep score, they pretty much won every game. Our team definitely understood to run to the bases to get other kids out! There were even a few double plays. We were lucky if Luke didn’t shuffle along kicking up the white dust as he ran the bases, but a few others were a little more athletic to balance out the beginners!

Luke and his coach!




IMG_1878 IMG_1869

we brought the cupcakes, aren’t the little baseballs cute?!

I was proud of him. He went from always kicking and throwing dirt during the first game to watching and fielding balls. And he loved hanging out with his team in the dugout!


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