march-2007-002.jpg Darin@GogiMania Mom&Dad@GogiMania

Well, we spent the last weekend in Vegas. Woohoo! We wanted to go visit UNLV and check out the PT school. We had a great visit with the dean of the school, we know people he knows. It would be a great school to attend! (especially financially)

Mom and Dad Payne were down already for a Goji conference, so we spent a lot of free time with them! We attended some of the conference as Darci & Patrick, which was fun until someone asked me, “Where in Kansas are you from, Darci?”…which flustered me for a second to realize she was talking to me, but I quickly recovered and answered correctly…she was from somewhere in Missouri, which I probably would have known if I was the real Darci!

Also they had Rex (a child who was born blind and autistic, but has an amazing talent for music) come and perform, amazing! We had a fabulous 90-degree GojiMania weekend!


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