Yay! School is OUT!

So today was the last day for me! Hooray. I didn’t even cry this year…I am ready for a break! I will miss most of the students, but a few I definitely need the summer to get over! We had our closing luncheon at Las Hermanos, and Joy, this time I liked it. So my classroom is all clean and packed up on the counters. I am taking my first class Monday, but at least I get to sleep in tomorrow! p.s. My birthday is on Sunday, so I will enjoy having my birthday weekend school-free! p.p.s. Supposedly negotiations went well and the salary as been increased by 2500, thanks to some amazing money that legislative turned up. I’m excited either way!


5 thoughts on “Yay! School is OUT!

  1. COngrats! I was thinking of you yesterday! We are excited for your birthday –hopefully we’ll see you or if you don’t have plans then we’ll make you dinner!

  2. I think we will do something (dinner or dessert) on Sunday… I keep asking Darin what he has planned for my birthday, so we’ll see if he is picking up on the hint. (Or maybe he will read this!)

  3. Darin doesn’t have any idea it even is your bday.. I’ll tell him. Now that school is out, will you answer your phone?

  4. Darin….what’s up? I just got an email from Delise and it had a link to her blog and then I found yours and I feel totally out of the loop. I mean, I know what a blog is…but I hate to admit that the technology is lost on me. So, can you help me out?

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