Goodbye Crib!


Yesterday we put together Luke’s big boy bed and got a mattress. He really liked the Cars sheets, particularly Mater. He loves that he can climb in and out with a little effort.  Last night he slept in his bed without any problems! We went to peek in on him and he was laying across the width of the bed, cuddling his new pillow! This morning he stayed in his bed and waited until we came and got him (we’ll see how long that lasts!)!


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Crib!

  1. Congrats! That is always a fun day for a kid. I think it is fun that you got him Car sheets. My son would be jealous.

  2. Wow, he tooootally looks like such a big boy in that big bed. I love that those slats go the whole length of the bed. Nice touch. :o)

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