Love you forever


I will. always. even when I think you are driving me crazy. As the book so aptly tells me, I must remember how fast times goes.

Natalie One Year Stats

21 lb 4 oz (almost 2 lbs less than Luke was)

30 in (1/2 taller than Luke was)

and her head like 75% percentile,

sounds about right, both my kids have big heads according to the doctor!

Little tidbits:

She loves shoes- putting them on and off, carrying them around the house, and throwing them in the trash can.

She loves to read books and if she finds one, you have to read it.

She loves to laugh. She will make silly faces and big grins to get you to laugh, so she can laugh. She always laughs if Luke laughs!

She loves to play chase. She will chase you (quite slowly since she is still a bit tipsy) and if you are chasing her, she will walk and crawl fast at first, then let you catch her so she can be tickled and tossed around!

Sometimes she folds her arms for prayers. Sometimes she makes loud noises because its too quiet during the prayer!

She likes to climb on things, type on the keyboard, put lids on and off, dump containers of things everywhere, and play with any toy Luke has. She also always wants his sippy cup instead of hers. She really lights up when he is around and gets her feelings hurt easily if he pushes her away.

She likes to sing along in car, but doesn’t care for long car rides (hope this trip goes well). She likes her new carseat and loves being able to see what Luke sees (and want what Luke has too.)

She is so sweet and always happy and wiggly whenever she sees us. We love her so very much and I think she is kinda fond of us too!


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