things I don’t wanna forget


Natalie @ 22 months…

has a less extensive vocabulary than her brother did, but she still gets her point across

desh (yes!) uh-huh (yes)

no no no nuh-uh

used to say mailmailmail, but now that word is mim and it also means keys, and just this morning… cereal

caco means chocolate, candy, cake, cupcakes, and the other day…package?!

wawoo (love you), peas (please)

started potty training herself two days ago, so I went with it. She’s doing great, only one accident yesterday

loves babies

loves to hug and cuddle

love to help me cook, clean, do the laundry, imitates what I’m dong all the time

still gives stinker looks to most strangers or someone she knows but hasn’t seen in 5 days

calls herself Nanny and pats her chest when she wants something while repeating her name over AND over

likes eat all the time

has only said uke (Luke) about 3 times, but copies everything he does and wants everything he has


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