Happy Birthday Lil Princess

Well Natalie has been anticipating the big day for months. She was excited all week as we talked about someone’s birthday coming up on Friday. She woke up all smiles to find her birthday balloons and presents in the kitchen.

IMG_2381  IMG_2383 

IMG_2388  IMG_2391

She got a new to her bike, so now she can practice riding with her brother and cousins. Of course she was so excited to open her presents and cards that we let her (maybe next year we’ll stretch it out all day!). She was hilarious, everything is wonderful when you are three, hopefully she can keep a grateful heart throughout life. Thank you thank you for all the love sent her way.

Then she spent the day playing with new things and having a friend over (they love having someone come over). Later in the afternoon we went shopping and she went hunting for what she wanted to get with her birthday money from Grandpa and Grandma. After Daddy got home, we headed to Chuck E Cheese to play some games (love the free tokens on your birthday!). We don’t usually get pizza but we splurged for her birthday and they gobbled it up.

IMG_2394 IMG_2395

After picking a little prize, we headed out. Both of them exclaiming what a wonderful night they had. We headed over to ToysRUs to use her birthday coupons to get a Doodle Bear (what she decided to buy), but they didn’t have it (go figure) so now she gets to get a package in the mail (that’s always fun) and she got princess hair accessories.

She is too funny… when Darin got home. She squealed with excitement, “Darin, it’s my birthday! I’m three! and we are going to Chuck E Cheese!”  This little girl loves to talk. Usually whenever we are driving she is just back there chatting away, telling me all kinds of things. She loves to tell me what might happen. “I can’t wear my mermaid tail to the fair. It might fall off on a ride. Then someone would say where is your mermaid tail. I would say uh-oh its on the ground. I better leave it home.” “Maybe when we get home Anatoliy will be there. Maybe he will park in our garage, if we left it open. (Luke: we didn’t leave it open) But maybe we did. Then he will be surprised to see me!”

Anyways, I wish I would remember to record her more often! This girl is growing up too fast. She notices so many things and remembers quite well the things I tell her. She loves to create and craft, which I hope she will continue to love and want to do things with me.  She has recently started loving princesses and noticing more about girls around her. She tells me to fix her hair “like the girl who brought the cat over” or she is going to wear her shirt that looks like her babysitter’s.

She has just started taking an interest in drawing and writing letters, so perhaps now she will learn them all she only knows a handful. She is pretty good at one-to-one counting and is trying to figure out time and money a little more.

She is always very concerned about the baby. Making sure I am eating so the baby can eat, and that I don’t turn the shower on too hot because it will be too hot for the baby. She loves to kiss my tummy and say hi to the baby.

Saturday morning she had a little friend party. We had a royal celebration under the sea. We decorated blue streamer water and green streamer seaweed. The kids decorated crowns, made necklaces, went fishing and woke up the sea monster.  The girls dressed up with mermaid tails, princess dresses, earring and rings. The boys had swords and sashes. Mostly they just played whatever they wanted.

IMG_2398 IMG_2399 

look at that photo bomber!

IMG_2403 IMG_2404 

Natalie wanted a sand castle cake. Far from perfect, but it was fun to make for her.

IMG_2402 IMG_2412 

The cute little bunch chowing down. Then she open her presents with some help in about 2 seconds…

IMG_2407 IMG_2416

She had so much fun celebrating with some friends, I’m glad they could come and enjoy the day with her.

Happy Birthday Little Princess!


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